6 self-help tips for bike, scooter owners in Nepal

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There is nothing worse than being on a nice ride and having to deal with a mechanical problem or breakdown far away from home. If you have ever experienced this, you know what we are talking about.

There are, however, plenty of basic tips that you yourself can do to maintain your motorbike or scooter without the help of professionals so that you do not run into problems on the way. Some of these tips are also useful when you get into trouble.

1. Clean dirt and debris

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The collection of dirt and debris in the interior of your bike is one of the most common motorcycle problems that may cause it to run poorly. A dirty bike or scooter also means poor performance that can ultimately damage the engine itself. Things like dirty spark plugs can trigger situations where your bike runs poorly, or in some cases will not start at all.

You can easily remove this dirt and debris by cleaning the bike regularly. With a bucket of water or two and a microfiber cloth, cleaning the bike at home should not be any problem.

2. Prevent flat tyres

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 Premature tyre wear is usually caused by improper tyre pressure when you ride. In your owner’s manual, you can see the right tyre pressure of your vehicle. Tearing of the tyre can be prevented if you check the pressure of your tyres before you ride. You should also keep in mind the tyre’s age and if it is too worn out, it is highly recommended to change with the help of the professionals.

3. Lubricate the chain properly

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A properly lubricated chain is absolutely essential for preventing catastrophic failure that could result in a snapped chain, or binding and locking of the drive train, which could lead to engine damage or cause you to have a major accident in some cases. You can easily avoid such circumstances by lubricating the chain on a timely basis. Chain lubricants can be found in most of the shops that sell bike accessories and lubricating is not so time-consuming and difficult thing to do as well. The chain will loosen naturally from time to time, but until and unless the chain dies of its age, you can always tighten it.

4. Take care of the battery

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 Motorcycle batteries have a relatively short life span. If you do not ride your bike often enough, your battery will get drained and the bike will not even start at all. Maintaining the battery of your bike is very easy if you are riding often. When you are not riding as often as you should, you can put your bike in a double stand and let it run for some time. This will be beneficial for the battery as well as for the engine oil.

5. Avoid fuel system problems

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Many motorcycles have carburettors while others are fuel-injected. The hoses that run to and from these units can dry out, crack, or otherwise fail. To prevent this from occurring, regularly inspect them and replace them if necessary. Other problems with your fuel system could include a punctured gas tank or a dirty carburettor. Their job is to ensure the fuel system delivers fuel properly, so it is extremely important to realise and resolve these issues before you hit the road. To prevent any of these common motorcycle problems from occurring, regularly maintain your bike.

6. Change engine oil frequently

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Changing the engine oil of your bike is the most basic maintenance you can do at home. It is also an easy thing to do without putting in much effort. If you have the right tools and you are not changing the oil filter, you can easily change the engine oil all by yourself at home. But, before changing the oil, make sure you heat up the engine and place the pan below carefully.

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