Sam’s One Tree Restaurant Review: A blend of familiarity and novelty

Walking into Sam’s One Tree, the first thing anyone will notice is the big tree that is at the centre of the restaurant. But the tree isn’t the only thing that stands out in the restaurant. The huge mural on the wall that complements the tree–so does the animals painted on the walls. All this gives you a feeling that you’re in the midst of nature.

The name of the place comes from the tree itself. The tree was planted by the owner of the place Shyam Sunder Lal Kakshapati when he started ‘Nanglo’ restaurant at the very same place in 1976. Nanglo closed down due to various reasons and Kakshapati rebranded the place.

As I choose a table to sit, one of their deaf/mute staff hands me the menu and a notepad. Kakshapati decided to hire them because he felt they had a place in society. He even trained the first batch himself. This has given these men and women a chance to socialise and feel wanted in the society. Having written my order down, I handed it over to the staff.

The first item I tried at Sam’s was their winter special kuati soup. The bean soup is ideal for a cold winter day in Kathmandu. It also comes with your choice of momo (chicken/veg /buff). The soup had a homely taste and so was the chicken momo. The soup which isn’t very spicy, which makes it ideal even for children. This meal is quite healthy too as the bean soup is rich in protein.

Kwati Soup

After the soup, I try their fried chicken in Chinese style. The dish tasted as good as it looked. It was tender and juicy and full of flavours. The half chicken is cooked with soya sauce which is then seasoned and that is what gives the dish a unique umami flavour. The dish has a classic sweet and spicy blend of ingredients which makes the dish a must-try when you visit Sam’s.

Chinese style fried chicken

The next dish I tried was the grilled fish with lemon butter sauce. The fish was tender, warm, salty, greasy and cooked perfectly. Its taste was complimented by the lemon butter sauce which had a rich, creamy, lemony taste. The dish also comes with a side of butter rice which makes this a perfect main course for those who love continental food.

Grilled Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce

The final dish I went for was the pokchoy with black bean sauce recommended by their manager. The Chinese dish was spicy and goes well with a side of butter rice. The Chinese spinach mushrooms in the dish complement the spicy and savoury taste of sauce which is really rich and delicious by itself. Incorporating the sauce to the spinach adds a punch of salty, spicy and funky flavour. Although the sauce is already really rich and delicious by itself, adding tons of shallots, ginger, and garlic enhances the taste of the dish.

Pok Choy with Black Bean sauce

The menu has most of the food items that people have grown to love at Nanglo, such as their sizzler, momo, Nepali thali set, and pizza. Sam’s One Tree also retains the flavour and taste of the food that Nanglo used to serve.

The restaurant is cozy and comfortable and can host up to 300 people easily. As soon you enter Sam’s, you are sure to feel relaxed as your mood instantly lifts up after a tiring day at work. The restaurant also welcomes you with an array of artefacts and clothing, which supports the local community, and makes you feel like you’ve entered a different world, away from the busy streets of Durbarmarg.

Sam’s One Tree is an exciting new place to eat, meet and greet in the heart of Kathmandu where you can enjoy lunch, dinner, drinks and coffee with friends and family. Sam’s is good for groups and kids as well.

The place also hosts a night market every three months.

Location: Durbarmarg
Opening hour: 11am – 9:30pm
Contact: 01-4222636

Published on January 4th, Friday, 2019 11:32 AM

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