Nepal’s former King says sovereignty, independence at risk


Kathmandu, January 10

Nepal’s former King Gyanendra Shah, who issues scathing statements on historically important dates, has yet again criticised the country’s major political forces.

Shah, in his statement on the occasion of Prithivi Jayanti (the birthday of unified Nepal’s first Shah king Prithivi Narayan Shah), said he was concerned that Nepal’s nationality, national unity and goodwill among the people were at risk.

In his veiled attack on political parties, the former monarch said that those forces that have disrupted peaceful co-existence among the people, and weakened the country’s sovereignty and the state’s organs have committed grave crimes against Nepal and the Nepalis.

Shah, who called himself a member of the Prithvi Narayan Shah lineage, appealed to all Nepalis to unite under the Nepali flag to protect Nepal’s independence and glory.

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