Nepal Police warns not to use police uniform without permission

police uniform
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Kathmandu, September 14

The Nepal Police Headquarters, Naxal issued a press statement on Wednesday regarding the use of police uniforms in any visual media.

The statement said people had to seek permission from Nepal Police before using a police uniform in movies, music videos, etc.

The rule was being brought to ensure the uniform was not misused and the character of the police was not questioned.

Nepal Police has stated it will take action against individuals who use the police uniform in movies or music videos without obtaining proper permission.

They have advised individuals to submit the script of the movie or music video to the audio/visual branch for review, after which the police will determine whether or not to grant permission.

The police headquarters has additionally urged police officers to avoid engaging in actions or making expressions that may undermine their professionalism and morale while carrying out their duties.

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