Citing dry season, NEA stops exporting electricity to India

exporting electricity
Dhalkebar substation

Kathmandu, December 19

Nepal has stopped exporting electricity to India.

Nepal Electricity Authority stopped the export of electricity as it has stopped producing excess electricity due to the start of the dry season.

NEA is likely to stop exporting electricity until the start of the monsoon in June 2023, said its spokesperson Suresh Bahadur Bhattarai.

The authority had been exporting electricity to India since May 15 through the Indian Energy Exchange Limited. NEA has sold electricity worth Rs 11 billion during this period, Bhattarai informed.

Bhattarai said as the flow of water in the rivers is decreasing, the production of electricity from hydropower stations based on river flow has decreased due to which export has to be stopped.

At present, the authority has received permission to export up to 409 megawatts of electricity produced by eight hydropower stations to India.

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