Le Trio restaurant review: Your famous jhol momo now in Maharajgunj

After two outlets in Pulchowk and Durbar Marg, Le Trio has come up with a brand new outlet, this time in Maharajgunj. Open, spacious and decorated with a touch of modernity, the restaurant is like all of its other outlets, but it equally stands out from the other two.

The ground floor is grand with modern paintings and photographs adorning the walls. The seats are not close to one another, which means no overhearing other people’s conversations. It is perfect for family gatherings and business meetings. The first floor is something entirely different with more seating areas. It is quite cosy and is perfect for a romantic date with your loved one.

The first Le Trio (French for ‘the three’) was started by three friends in 2010 after they were told by businesspersons from various areas that they didn’t know of a place that served momos which they used to eat when they were children. Even though a lot of places did serve, many felt that the places were not healthy. So as to cater to their needs, the three friends decided to start a restaurant which would focus on momos.

Le Trio is famous for its Momocha with Jhol Achar, a bowl full of momos served in a thick, spicy soup. There are plenty of other things on the menu, including buffalo wings, steak, pork chops and many Newari and continental offerings.

Buffalo Wings

But, for starters, go for the buffalo wings which is meaty, tangy, spicy and mouthwatering. The pepper-based hot sauce is just perfect as it is not too hot which would kill the taste of the dish. It is moderately spiced and full of flavour and has a kick to it. It has the right combination of heat, zest, and buttery flavour which makes the dish an ideal starter.

Pork cutlet in Dijon sauce

For mains, you can choose pork chops marinated and spooned in Dijon sauce. The dish has deep and satisfying flavour with delicious fatty notes along with a tender and juicy texture. The mustard sauce adds a mellow taste to the tender pork which is cooked to perfection. The mustard sauce also goes well with the side salad that comes with the meal.


Churros for dessert will be the best way to end an extremely fulfilling meal at Le Trio. Accompanied by hot chocolate dip, it is a soft stick of cinnamony-sugary heaven. Not too sweet, the pastry stick is complimented by the hot chocolate dip which ends your meal on a fantastic note.

Le Trio Maharajgunj has the same essence like the other two of its chain. It is spacious, cosy and has the friendliest of staff. The taste of the food is similar too.  The owners, seeing a market for the type of food and experience they serve, decided to open one in the Maharajgunj area so to make it easy for the people from the area who otherwise had to drive all the way to Durbar Marg or Pulchowk.

It’snot just a place for good food, the place is also good to go out for a drink and watch sports. The bar is quite nice as are the bartenders who make some really good cocktails.

Location: Maharajgunj, close to Bhatbhatini Super Market

Timing: 11 am – 10 pm

Phone: 01-4016317

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