From the Kathmandu Press: Wednesday, January 31, 2018

All major Nepali and English broadsheet dailies published from Kathmandu on Wednesday have paid the topmost attention to the decision of CPN-UML to select its candidates for provincial chief ministers through voting as the party is preparing to lead four of seven provincial governments. A symbolic shoe polishing campaign launched by Nepali Congress leaders has also gained significant attention in the newspapers today.

Other contemporary political, socio-cultural and economic issues have also been highlighted by the newspapers on the front page today.


Police accused of trying to settle gang rape case without trial

Kantipur, Gorkhapatra and The Himalayan Times have reported that police officials of Metropolitan Police Circle in Darbarmarga have been accused of trying to settle a recent gang rape case in an agreement between alleged perpetrators and the victim without taking it to the court.

Kantipur lead story for the day says police have already released the main perpetrator among four suspects though they were arrested after the victim filed a complaint. Gorkhapatra identifies the main suspect as the victim’s boyfriend, Shailesh Karki and other three as Bikas Gautam, Ravi Paudel and Deepak Shrestha.

Meanwhile, the Inspector General’s Secretariat has directed for a probe into reports that the case was settled in an agreement without proper investigation, according to the report. Likewise, the Metropolitan Police Range, Kanthmandu, has formed a four-member probe panel led by SP Ram Dutta Joshi to investigate the charge against the Circle’s inspector, according to The Himalayan Times.

Left alliance wooing Madheshi parties, Congress not to let left candidates win unopposed

Top leaders of CPN-UML and CPN-Maoist Centre during a meeting, on Tuesday, January 9, 2018.

Janata Post claims that the CPN-UML and the CPN-Maoist Centre have expedited talks with two major Madhesh-centric parties—Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal and Rastriya Janata Party Nepal—to partner to run the new federal government. The report adds that the left alliance has offered positions of vice-president, speaker and four ministers. The report quotes RJPN presidium member Mahendra Raya Yadav to inform that UML leader Agni Kharel met key Madheshi leaders with the proposal. Meanwhile, RJPN has also responded to the proposal that it is ready to support the government if the alliance is ready for constitution amendment, according to the report.

On the other hand, the Nepali Congress is preparing to contest elections for provincial governments independently though it is not in the position to lead the government in any of seven provinces, according to The Himalayan Times.

The report says the party has begun preparations to field its candidates for chief ministers in all provinces except Province 2. The party also plans to depute a Central Working Committee member in each province to finalise candidates and coordinate the entire election process.

By fielding the candidates, the party just wants to ensure that left candidates will not win the polls unopposed, according to a party leader.


NHRC recommendations gather dust

In past 17 years, the National Human Rights Commission forwarded total 927 recommendations to the government, including 856 for legal action and 71 for reforms. But, the government has implemented just around 12 per cent of the constitutional body’s recommendations, Annapurna Post reports quoting NHRC Secretary Bed Bhattarai.

Ganga Maya Adhikari begins hunger strike again

File: Ganga Maya Adhikari, mother of Krishna Prasad Adhikari, who was killed during the armed conflict.

Kantipur says Ganga Maya Adhikari from Phujel of Gorkha district once again has launched a fast-unto-death demanding that culprits of the murder of her teenage son Krishna Prasad Adhikari during the armed conflict be brought to book.

Adhikari has been launching various formed of strike with the demand for last 13 hours and she announced the fresh agitation on the occasion of Martyrs Day yesterday. She is currently undergoing treatment at the Bir Hospital, according to the report.

Republica has published a photograph of Adhikari on the front page.

Only 57 quake-hit houses have been rebuilt in Kathmandu city

Republica lead story for the day says only 57 houses have been reconstructed in Kathmandu Metropolitan City even nearly three years since the 2015 devastating earthquake have passed. Total 7,117 houses were damaged in the city area in the quake, according to the report.

The number of houses reported damaged in the KMC was the highest among the local units in Kathmandu district, but most of the survivors in the area have been forced to live in temporary shelters or move back to their damaged houses, according to the report.


NRNA to form Special Purpose Vehicle to attract foreign investment to Nepal

The Non-Resident Nepali Association is planning to establish a Special Purpose Vehicle so as to attract foreign investment into Nepal, according to Karobar lead story. The NRNA International Coordination Council will establish the ‘special company’ in order to realise its plan of investing Rs 10 billion in the country in next two years, according to the report.

The announcement was made by the NRNA President Bhaban Bhatta on the occasion of completion of 100 days of his election.

Super blue blood moon, total lunar eclipse tonight

A rare super blue blood moon will coincide with a total lunar eclipse in Nepal tonight, according to The Himalayan Times. The eclipse will be visible in the northeastern corner of the sky, according to the report.

Gorkhapatra says the total lunar eclipse will begin at 6:35 pm and lasts till 8:57 pm. Whereas the eclipse will be total for Nepal and other South Asian countries, it will be just partial in the United States, according to the report.

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