A woman’s journey to business success

Seena Khatri’s friend then suggested she meet people in the protein business. She agreed and thus started her journey as an entrepreneur.

Seena Khatri came to Kathmandu from Birgunj after completing her school. Growing up, she always wanted to become a banker and with that dream, she came to Kathmandu hoping to become one. That dream, however, was short-lived.

After interning at a bank for a few months, she realised banking was not for her and joined a foreign employment company. The owner of that company was a high-profile businessperson in Nepal. Due to his influence, Khatri’s life goal changed. After working in a foreign employment company, she got to know the various sides of business closely, and it fascinated her. She learned that to improve one’s lifestyle, one must go beyond a job and do something on their own.

She was making good money at the foreign employment company. But working there she then started planning to start her own business saving money each month to start something she could call her own.

One day, as she was speaking with her friend about what business she could start.

“A friend suggested I should start selling protein. But that would cost around Rs 5 to 10 million to set up which I could not afford at the time,” she said.

Khatri’s friend then suggested she meet people in the protein business. She agreed and thus started her journey as an entrepreneur.

Birth of a businesswoman

Osoaa Mass Gainer

Seena Khatri admires people who take care of their bodies. As she ventured out to start a business in the field, she was filled with excitement.

“Fitness has always been my interest, and I did not want to miss the opportunity of doing business related to it,” says Khatri.

To start with, Khatri requested her friend to provide Rs 1 million worth of goods. With this support, her dream of starting her own business came true, and she began selling Osoaa Mass Gainer.

With this, she believes she is the first Nepali woman to be part of the protein business in the country. As she ventured into that, she also continued working at the Himalayan Building which she joined after quitting the the foreign employment company.

Last year, she opened a physical store at Greenland Chowk in Tokha and also registered her product on Daraz.

According to Khatri, the primary challenge in the protein business is the widespread belief among Nepali consumers that only Australian and American protein products are of high quality. However, through selling Osoaa Mass Gainer, Khatri has successfully demonstrated that even Indian products have a strong market in Nepal.

“A lot of people are buying protein from Daraz,” says Khatri. “The response from customers has been good too.”

Khatri is excited and motivated by all the positive feedback she has received. She never anticipated the protein business to thrive as well as it has. With the business generating substantial profits, she feels satisfied by the success she has achieved so far.

No stopping her


As the protein business continued to grow, Khatri decided to venture into the bag business as well. The idea was suggested by one of her friends from Pokhara, but initially, Khatri did not show much interest. However, one day when her friend showed her photos of the bags with unique designs, Khatri was immediately captivated. Inspired by the creativity and uniqueness of the designs, she decided to start her own bag business.

“Although the bags come from India, the designs are our own,” says Khatri. “Producing these backs in Nepal is just not sustainable as factory costs are high so we bring them from India.”

The bag, however, does not have a name yet. It is made up of metals and has interesting designs and patterns on them.

“It’s a work in progress and has been doing well given I started the business with only Rs 50,000,” she says. “The response has been great.”

Khatri receives orders for 20 to 25 bags per day. That has excited her as she has been making a profit of around Rs 200,000 per month selling protein and bangs.

“I do all this after I finish my day job. I deliver most of it on my own and have been managing everything by myself so far.

Amidst a trend where many youths are leaving the country in search of better opportunities, Khatri holds a different viewpoint. She believes that with hard work and dedication, one can build a successful future right here in Nepal.

According to Khatri, the potential for growth and prosperity exists within the country itself, negating the need to seek opportunities elsewhere.

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