In 6 photos: Resplendent Lalitpur

The cultural and historical significance of Lalitpur – one of the three cities of the Kathmandu valley – sums up most of its appeal to tourists. But far beyond the ancient town’s intricate gallis and imposing courtyards and palaces lie its villages.


Itung village in southern Lalitpur.


Some perched precariously on cliffs and hillocks, while others rested comfortably on flatland, Lalitpur’s villages are located only few hours from the city, but they are a completely different world altogether.


Chammpi village with Mt. Manaslu in the background.


In the west of the district lies Malta, a township on the banks of the Bagmati. The villages of Mani Khel and Dhukuchap are located nearby. From Dhukuchap, one can see the Bagmati in its true form, far off from the tampering it goes through in Kathmandu.


Settlement near Lele Tileshwor.


Further away in the middle of the district, at around 23 km from the city centre of Patan, you will be greeted by farmers from their fields in Nallu, Lele phat and Dalchoki.


Dhalchoki in mid Lalitpur.


Down south from Sankhu lies Bhukhel. The village’s beautiful houses have immense appeal to anyone interested in rural living. Likewise, the remote villages of Kaleshwor, northeast from Bhukhel, Bhardev, northwest form Kaleshwor and Bhattedanda, which lies between Malta and Sankhu, all have charming settlements.


Farmers at work in Lelephat.


From Jhyalungtar as a vantage point, one can see the gleaming peaks in the north. Likewise, Ganesh himal can be seen from Lele Lepse and Manaslu from Chhampi.


Mustard field near Bhukhel village.


As varied as the appeal of these villages are in their geography, culture and lifestyle, one thing is for sure; all these villages have immense potential for tourism. With stunning panorama of the peaks northwardly and the symbiotic nature of the relation its residents have with these villages, a hike to one of these places can be a truly engaging experience.


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