Chauka Dau movie review: Cheap comic pastime

Santosh Pant is back on the screen; perhaps this is the most exciting news associated with the release of Chauka Dau. Besides this, there’s nothing new in the movie. Its usefulness is restricted to just adding one more production to the already overcrowded new film list. ‘Cheap’ comedy Though the movie is filled with fun, […]

Pinthali after 17 years: A micro hydro project that charged up a Tamang village

There was one reason why neighbouring villagers wanted to visit Pinthali, that too at night. They would flock to the surrounding hills to catch a glimpse of the village in Kavre district on the outskirts of Kathmandu because it outshoneĀ other settlements, literally. “People from the surrounding villages wanted to see what electricity looked like,” says […]