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Nepali Congress student wing chief quits amidst legitimacy crisis

Kathmandu, February 11 Faced with a serious question about legitimacy of his presidency and the committee under his leadership, Nepal Students Union president Nain Singh Mahar on Monday tendered his resignation. The student wing of the main opposition party, Nepali Congress, is in crisis for past few weeks after the extended term of the central […]

Nepali Congress student wing in crisis as leadership fails to hold convention again

Kathmandu, January 11 The main opposition party Nepali Congress’ student wing, Nepal Students Union, has failed to hold its general convention once again. The Union’s current executive committee’s original term expired in August last year. Then, the mother party had extended the term by three months. The Union could not hold the meeting in the […]

Internal disputes push Nepali Congress student wing’s election into limbo again

Kathmandu, November 4 The student wing of main opposition Nepali Congress, Nepal Students Union, has failed to hold its general convention to elect the new leadership once again, owing to multiple disputes within the organisation. The current executive committee led by Nain Singh Mahar completed its term in August. The party then used its prerogative […]

Five deputies file complaint against chief of Nepali Congress student wing

Kathmandu, April 23 The internal rift in Nepali Congress-aligned Nepal Students Union has reached its peak on Monday as five of 11 vice-chairpersons of the organisation have filed a complaint with the party President Sher Bahadur Deuba against their organisation’s President Nain Singh Mahar. Prakash Rana, Khadka Bahadur Dangi, Urmila Thapaliya, Nabin Rai and Sagar […]

Nepali Congress student wing: Disgruntled faction seeks clarification from President

Kathmandu, January 14 The dispute between two factions of Nepali Congress’ student wing, Nepal Students Union, has intensified as the disgruntled faction has sought a clarification from the organisation’s President Nain Singh Mahar. The faction led by Manoj Mani Acharya has accused the President of forming various committees against the statute and appointing central members, […]

Nepali Congress student wing heading towards split

Kathmandu, December 31 While the mother party is celebrating the National Reconciliation Day commemorating a deed of its founder BP Koirala, the Nepali Congress’ student wing, Nepal Students Union, is seen heading towards a split. Two rival factions of the Union–led by President Nain Singh Mahar and Manoj Mani Acharya–have organised separate functions to mark […]