NEPSE: Market hits 2,000 with surge in Manufacturing and Trading

NEPSE - Feb 28 2024
NEPSE – Feb 28 2024

Kathmandu, February 28

On Wednesday, the NEPSE market closed at 2,000.77 points, marking a decrease of 0.87 points compared to Tuesday.

The total turnover for Wednesday amounted to Rs 2.03 billion, up from Rs 1.86 billion the day before.

Of the listed companies, 71 witnessed an increase in value, while 170 saw a decrease, with 7 remaining stable. Notably, both the Trading and Manufacturing sectors experienced significant growth rates, with Trading up by 5.51 percent and Manufacturing by 4.96 percent.

Conversely, the Development Bank sector registered the highest decline, dropping by 1.1 percent. Similarly, Banking wend down by 7 points, Development bank by 43 points, Finance by 17 points, Hydropower by 21 points, Microfinance by 5 points and Non-life Insurance by 37 points.

In terms of groups, Business and Manufacturing saw increases of 150 and 317 points, respectively, while Others remained stable, and the Hotel and tourism group saw a modest increase of 2 points.

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