NEPSE: Last 20-minute surge boosts stock market as turnover decreases by 1 billion


Kathmandu, February 26

NEPSE experienced a surge in the final 20 minutes of trading on Monday, resulting in a 13.28-point increase in the NEPSE index compared to Sunday, closing at 1992.30 points.

The market showed fluctuations at the start of the day, dipping to 1975 points between 12:30 pm and 2:40 pm. However, within the last 20 minutes, the market rapidly ascended, ultimately closing at 1992.30 points.

Despite this, turnover decreased by Rs 1.7 billion, with a total of Rs 2.01 billion traded throughout the day, contrasting with Sunday’s turnover of Rs 3.8 billion.

Of the 167 companies listed, prices increased for 167, decreased for 75, and remained stable for 6.

The Microfinance and Finance sectors experienced marginal declines below 1 point, while the Manufacturing group saw the most significant growth at 2.5 per cent.

The Banking sector gained 2 points, development banks 21, hotel and tourism 73, hydropower 34, life insurance 31, manufacturing 151, non-life insurance 23, others 12, and the Trading group 35 points.

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