Mahalaya in Nepal: Why Hindus remember their forefathers before the festive season

As I walk along the banks of the Bagmati, I observe a lot of things. On one side of the banks, I see a family grieving and performing the last rites of its departed member, while on the other side, I see people paying homage and honouring their forefathers. As I sit there watching, a […]

First Monday of Shrawan: Here’s how devotees prayed to Lord Shiva

Kathmandu, July 17 Hindus, women in particular, visited Shiva temples near them today to observe the first Monday of the month of Shrawan for this year. Monday is believed to be the favourite day Lord Shiva. Likewise, the month of Shrawan, according to the solar calendar, is believed to be the holiest to worship him. […]