River Overseas is Nepal’s top recruitment agency for FY 2017/18

Kathmandu, July 18 The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security says the River Overseas Pvt Ltd, based in Battisputali of Kathmandu, has been the top recruitment agency of the country. The Department of Foreign Employment under the Ministry says the company sent 5,804 persons abroad including 5,142 men and 662 women during the fiscal […]

Saudi Arabian company expels 29 Nepalis after their protest against no pay

Khotang, July 18 Total Nepali youth including 14 from Khotang district, who had gone to Saudi Arabia for work, have been stranded there. They had gone to the Gulf country on February 13 but have been left in the lurch as they have neither got the work nor the pay as per the contract documents. […]