Tomb Raider movie review: A video game featuring Alicia Vikander

Most millennials have grown up trying to ‘backflip’ the same way Lara Croft does in the Tomb Raider video game. When it was announced that a new Lara Croft movie staring Alicia Vikander would be released soon, I must admit that the child in me was doing backflips with two pistols in hand. The Tomb […]

Gaja Baja movie review: A day in the life of two stoners in Kathmandu

After spending two years in legal limbo Gaja Baja has finally released all over Nepal. The Film Development Board censors put the release of the movie on hold because the title of the film had the word ‘gaja’ (marijuana). They had claimed that its title transmitted ‘negative imagery’ to masses. But after winning the battle, producers […]