‘P.S. Zindagi’ Season I review: For the first time

Musumusu Tv Nepal’s first web series P.S. Zindagi has found a home on YouTube, away from the commercial trappings of traditional broadcast media. By doing so, the series has bypassed the deterring limitations of network television. But it also comes with its own set of expectations. The liberalisation of publishing, after all, brings with it myriad […]

‘Gajalu’ movie review: A fair addition to Hemraj BC’s universe

Rohit Adhikari Films If one were to graph the theatrics in director Hemraj BC’s films, one would get what would resemble a straight line, with small peaks along the way, and one massive peak and valley towards the end. The line would then extend further and neatly form a bow. BC has never been comfortable with drama and […]