Note to Nepali agro policymakers: Why you should not blindly jump onto ‘organic’ bandwagon

It is a widely recognised fact in South Asia, and particularly in Nepal, that small farmers do not have the resources to buy high-yielding inputs such as fertilizers or other chemicals (pesticides, herbicides) and water. They rely on the inputs that they already have on their farm. One of the main inputs required for high-yield […]

Trisara in Durbarmarg: Platters to tingle your taste buds

In the past six years, Trisara has become a household name in Kathmandu. It has become the go-to place for people of all ages to enjoy the unique ambiance, live music and delicious food. Trisara’s story is of three school friends trying to break the trend of restaurants in Kathmandu. Most of us visit a […]