Tibet-Nepal railway economically, technically feasible, say Chinese experts

Chinese officials say trans-Himalayan railway connecting Tibet with Nepal and India is economically and technically feasible. “The construction of a railway crossing the Himalayan mountains is now economically and technologically feasible,” Zong Gang, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Department at Beijing University of Technology, told a forum in Beijing run by the China Tibetology […]

Kathmandu pharmacist finds better pill, switches to dairy, goes back to village

When the decade-long Maoist insurgency ended in Nepal, Bhanu Bhakta Shrestha, a pharmacist living in Kathmandu, decided to go back to Ramechhap. “During the few times I visited Ramechhap and stayed at Manthali (the district headquarters), I had noticed that the hotels and eateries there had no regular supply of dairy products like ghee, butter, and cheese.” “There’s […]