National Archives to be moved to put up parking lot

File image: National Archives (Rastriya Ahilekhalaya)

Kathmandu, October 13

The National Archives (Rastriya Abhilekhalaya), a government body responsible to protect documents related to political, social and economic history of the country, fears it might lose around 25 per cent documents from its store as the government plans to shift the office.

The government is planning to give the land of National Archives to the Supreme Court to build parking facilities. It is planning to shift the National Archives to another place. The place is yet to be decided.

Chief of the office Saubhagya Pradhananga says the staff have been confused after learning about the government decision as some documents kept there are so sensitive that touching with human hands might result in their destruction.

She says various technologies have been used to protect the documents as they are, but transferring them would result in the complete loss of around one forth documents.

Pradhang demands that at least 15 years be allocated if the government is determined to shift the office.

“Shifting the office of archives is not like shifting our home. Our new office should resist any kind of disaster in next 100 years.”

Meanwhile, archaeologists and stakeholders have suggested that the Supreme Court search for other alternatives than shifting the National Archives.



Published on October 13th, Friday, 2017 11:33 AM

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