Hindu leaders from 11 countries gather in Kathmandu for international conference

An international Hindu conference in Kathmandu, on Thursday, August 31 2017.

Kathmandu, August 31

Hindus from 11 countries across the world have gathered in Kathmandu for an international conference with the theme of ‘Emerging spiritualism: Renaissance of Hinduism’.

The three-day function that began today has aimed at making Kathmandu a global capital of Hinduism, according to the organiser Sanatan Sanskriti Samaj, Nepal.

Religious leaders from Nepal, India, Japan, Pakistan and Thailand among other countries are attending the event.

Addressing the inauguration today, speakers stressed that Nepal should develop itself as a centre of eastern culture.

Pashupati Area Development Trust’s Member-Secretary Pradeep Dhakal said Hinduism was everyone’s religion, hence no one needed to worry about if it would disappear ever.

The conference will also discuss some contemporary issues including climate change and global warming.


Published on August 31st, Thursday, 2017 4:43 PM

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  • Dirgha Raj Prasai says: | August 31 2017 7:53pm

    Hinduism is the foundation of civilization. Hindu religion is the most personally expansive and psychologically empowering religion on earth. It is a path that teaches its followers to be fearless, dedicated, focused, strong, assertive, self-controlled, virtuous, self-reliant, and to strive for excellence in all endeavors. It teaches us how to be civilized. Vedic-Hindu can only empower us is such a manner, however, when the full philosophy and lifestyle of religion is actually followed and practiced in daily life.

    Hindu is a religion of the possible. It is a tradition that teaches us that anything and everything that we can dream is attainable. We, Hindus are radically free to perform any positive task, to reach out boldly toward any constructive goal, to achieve any vision that our imaginations can reveal. Hindu religion is more democratic and frees us from the bonds of ignorance and fear that bind us, and gives mighty wings to realize our inner yearning for peace, joy, and unlimited freedom.

    We have two pious Hindu countries in the world- Himabatkhanda and Bharatkhanda, Kailash-Mansarowar to Hinda-Mahasagar is the original place of Hindus and Hinduism.The Bramhaputra in east, Hindukush in west, north Kailash-Mansarowar and the south Ganga River is the boundary of Himabatkhanda(Nepal) and Ganga to Hinda-Mahasagar is Bharatkhanda (India). Kailash-Mansarowar is the pious land of the lord Shiva. Hindu Kush (Hindu’s land) shows that two major kingdoms of Gandhaar & Vaahic Pradesh (Balkh of Bactria) had their borders extending far beyond the Hindu Kush. Legend has it that the kingdom of Gandhaar was established by Taksha, grandson of Bharat of Ayodhya (6). Gandhaar’s borders extended from Takshashila to Tashkent in the present day Uzbekistan. In the later period, Mahabharat relates Gaandhaari as a princess of Gandhaar and her brother, Shakuni as a prince and later as Gandhaar’s ruler.

    The ancient Vedic Hindu religion is the genesis of civilization. Vedic traditional Hinduism of the old age is the devotee of the Panchadeva (five Gods). ‘Omkar Jagat (followers of OM) is the devotee of Vedic Hindu traditions. The worship of Gods and Goddess- Ganesh (an lephant headed God), Bhagawati (Goddess), Surya (Sun), Shiva (Lord Shiva) and Bishnu (the creator of the world), is compulsory for one who is facing crisis. We confer respect to one another on account of the ancient Vedic Hindu religion. We want Nepal to remain a stable Hindu and
    Buddhist nation. Nepal is the birth place of both these two religion-Hindu and Buddha.

    First of all, we should be convinced that the religion is realization; not talk, not doctrine, nor theories, however beautiful they may be. It is being and becoming, not hearing or acknowledging; it is the whole soul becoming changed into what it believes. So, religion is the manifestation of the Divinity already in man. Then, we should understand that the Hindu religion is very ancient, practical and democratic in the way of human life. So, every Hindu in all over the world must feel proud to be born a Hindu. But it also gives every Hindu a responsibility of ensuring that Hindu society moves in a positive direction.
    Nepalese all around the world and Nepal’s well-wishers are anxious about the conspiracy designed by some deviant party leaders against the Monarchy and Hinduism. Nepal will not become a heaven on earth just because monarchy is actually abolished and republican system ushered in. Nepal has already received so much respect and identity for being a Hindu kingdom. The essences of Nepalese nationalism are- Hinduism, constitutional monarchy and Nepali language. If these basic foundations are violated, national unity and sustainable peace cannot be achieved. The conflict between the political parties and the king came up because of the mistakes and blunders of the Nepali Congress and the CPN-UML and the authoritarian thinking of the Maoist. But, where would they stand abolishing Nepal and its identity. The nation and its people will win only if all the political leadership realizes this fact. Hindus by nature are peaceful, law abiding and secular people. However, it is a matter of great regret that Hindus are not being treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.
    Secularism is being held up on the same pedestal as Democracy by those who have political motives to do so. These self-serving secularists refuse to see that Theocracy is alive and well internationally. Just look at all the Islamic states, Israel, as well as many European states that proclaim them secular but practice hard-core evangelical proselytizing Christianity. So what was wrong with Nepal being the sole Hindu state in the world? No other religion was persecuted here by the Hindu majority. A prominent journalist Pushpa Raj Pradhan says-‘ Secularism was the Maoist agenda hinted by RAW and CIA. This agenda was covertly supported by the Christian missions. The attempt of different Christian missions was to demoralize the Hindus. if the demand for a Hindu kingdom is not responded , the Hindus are ready to start a war for the cause of Hindu kingdom.’
    Similarly, A renowned actress of film and movies Manisha Koirala, the grand daughter of BP Koirala says, comparatively- ‘The talk of secularism and removal of the Hindu kingdom, this should have occurred when the people became dissatisfied with Hinduism and when there was a conflict between Hindus, Muslims or Christians. Ours is a peaceful Hindu nation. There had been any conflict regarding religious issues. In such, a contest, secularism was introduced. This was added from above and outside; so that is wrong. The situation has now deteriorated. They don’t have a vision on the implication of their decisions in the long term. The King and the palace is an integral part of Nepalese culture and traditions. During the King’s visit to different religious festivals, the people received him with love. In my opinion the King and the Palace are the cultural and traditional pillars of Nepal. There is rampant theft, robbery and no law and order in the nation. The nation is heading towards anarchy.’-(Mar.25-2010 People’s Review)
    We summarily reject the forceful declaration of Nepal as republic and secular country. We need the support of World Hindu Organizations/Buddhist organizations to make Nepal a peaceful place to live. Conversion is expeditiously going on; Hindus are forcefully converted every second whereas politicians have kept the public busy with political agenda. Nepal’s declaration as a secular country is a matter of Shame for the Global Hindus. It is a symbolic attack on Hinduism. As one of the members suggested, toppling the Congress government could work in the biggest advantage for India and for the people who support justice, peace, democracy, human rights, freedom and Dharma. We know, Communists do not believe in religion. JNU is popular for producing Extreme Leftists. It was Indian Congress government and policy makers like SD Muni who not only assisted but funded Nepal Maoists to wage a war against Hinduism. They were successful in declaring Nepal a secular country and abolishing Monarchy. Of course, Indian diplomats and congress are responsible for the bloodshed in Nepal and facilitating eradicates Hinduism. So, to keep intact Hinduism in all over the world the only one Hindu kingdom of Nepal in the world and the Hindu monarchy should be in existence in this pious Hindu and Buddha land.
    Thank you
    Dirgha Raj Prasai


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