Five reasons why photojournalism is not a walk in the park

Many people would think that photojournalism is easy; all you need to do is go around town taking photos. You don’t need to stay in the office for a long time, and get to meet a lot of people. However, behind all the glitz and glam, the job challenges you to get an accurate picture of the world around you.

An exhibition was recently organised in Kathmandu by the PJ Club to shed light on the challenges being faced by photojournalists in Nepal. Here we look at five challenges a PJ faces every day.


Brave the elements

Photo by: Deepesh Shrestha

Photojournalists need to brave the elements to get the best shot. Sometimes this means jumping to a flowing river.


Prepare to cry

Photo by: Angad Dhakal

Photojournalists are most often the first ones to arrive at the scene of any riot where police use teargas to disperse protesters. That also means they are the first ones to ‘shed tears’.



Be ready to run

Photo by: Kiran Panday

Sometimes PJs are in a dilemma: whether to stay and shoot or run for their lives. The urge to get a good photo sometimes is so great, that it becomes hard to resist.


Look for the best angle

There are times when one shot can be taken from various angles. A photojournalist needs to decide within a matter of seconds which angle tells the story in the best way.


Be the loan crusader

Photo by: Dinesh Gole

There are times when only one camera reaches the voiceless. However, one camera can tell a story more powerful than hundreds of wordsmiths can.


Photos courtesy: PJ Club

Published on July 17th, Monday, 2017 12:27 PM

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